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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Men and Bad Holiday Gifts

This was so funny, I remember the giant mixer I got years ago, I would have thrown him down a hole that year, but a hand mixer mixed in with Jewelry, that works.


  1. I'll never forget that year, I was sitting on the couch listening to you both. I remember you wanted the mixer years b/4 when you had a bigger kitchen. yikes that was something, well it just proves timing is everything.

  2. Mom is still freaked out because last year Joe got me a Scooba and I squealed like a schoolgirl - Donnie stared in horror at Joe - You got her a floor cleaner?!! They were sure he was going home alone.

    It was a ROBOT floor cleaner!!! Best Husband EVAR.

    Not a gift to be given by amateurs. This is what happens when geeks mate.

    I live in absolute terror of my husband buying me serious jewelry, my taste is eclectic, I don't wear a whole bunch of it and I would wear it even if I hated it. On the other hand Accountant Man buying me a full price robot of my very own - (I shared custody of a discounted Scooba with a friend) that was LOVE there baby!

  3. that video is freaking hilarious!! check out the wonderful compliment my hubby gave me about my hair. i had just gotten it highlighted, so he tells me he likes it, i look like Lassie!!! lol he should be in the doghouse, but i know he actually thought he was being nice. men, can't live with 'em and it's illegal to shoot 'em!

  4. I totally want to scream! The Hammonton Gazette just did an acticle on 3 different pages,that mixers,toasters,crock pots & utensils are freat holiday gifts. Except for really expensive luxury items like maybe the Roomba $300.00 robot vac. & some other exceptions. If you need it to run your household it is not a gift.sorry...not a gift! is a car brake job a gift? A hot water heater? NO ! A new roof ? NO !Why do Women still accept this bull! I'm not just sayin' I'm just Yelling !! From Pinky ARRRGGGHHH !!!


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