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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Where I'm going?

I know, I haven't been faithful, leaving you in the lurch for a whole week. Sometimes I need a break to recharge and refresh. I have been in a state of vegetablism, is that a word, ok, cauliflourism, you get the pic? Veggin out! I did actually make my Christmas list day before yesterday, begged for new carpet from Santa, who won't get on for me and I guess that is because I have not been good enough this year. I am going to buckle down and bake Christmas cookies after I go Shopping for the gifts tonight.

BTW "Where I'm going?" is a reference to my daughter when she was 2 or 3 years old. She used to ask me that all the time when we put her coat on. Ever since, whenever I don't have a particular plan or know what I am doing, I use it.



  1. ok, miss jersey girl. i gotta know something. do you read janet evanovich? it is supposed to be based in jersey and i am dying to find out if the places she talks about really exist :)

    and what have you been up to that you made it onto santa's naughty list??

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have an idea for your Taylor cake . . . I saw this thing on Wiltons where you can take a picture and you outline everything in clear piping gel (I think they sell it wherever they sell icing supplies). Then you turn the picture over and press it onto the cake to transfer the outline. Next, you fill it in with icing or fondant.

    Here`s the link, in case you want to take a look. It would obviously be rather complicated with a person, but maybe you could do like an Andy Warhol thing. ;)

  3. Hey Nonna! You are the winner of my Blog giveaway- email me direct with your address. I am sure my husband would say I have not been naughty enough, but I never reveal my secrets. They are just silly ones anyway. I may have read Janet, you are the second person that mentioned her to me in as many weeks. Let me check on that, if i haven't, I will be at the Library tomorrow checking her out.

  4. Ok. I went online and put library holds on every book janet evanovich wrote that they carry. I am a speed reader so I will get back to you about them. Currently reading The Vampire Armand. After reading the Twilight series with my daughter, I missed Anne Rice, so I have to re-read everything she wrote since my daughter is moving onto her tomorrow. It is cool that we get to talk about books so much, though it does present a problem when we are waiting for each other to finish a book. I also read everything my son reads, though his books only take me like a half hour.


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