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Friday, December 19, 2008


I currently have uninvited house guests, most people call them dust bunnies, I call them annoying little pesky, living rent-free moochers. They need to get a life, they just hang out all over the place and try to get noticed, or they hide behind my couch. This current infestation doesn't know it yet, but they are outta here, before Christmas. I know, I am heartless, kicking them out before the holidays, and it is getting so cold outside...


  1. You're really just sending them back to their component parts. Maybe you should think of them as Dust Bunnies made out of the Dust from Phillip Pullman's "Golden Compass."

    Then they're not only able to reform, they are acutal frollicking bunnies in an associated world.

    The Dust Bunnies were my absolutely favorite things on the Big Comfy Couch - Did your kids watch that? Alex and I each have one of the Bunnies.

    Of course at my house I don't really get the classic dust bunnies so I can get all anthropomorphic or philosophical about it. We get this kind of deep snowlike dust that's more like a blanket, when it forms into solid groups it's something more like cobwebs. I have no love for dustwebs although they sound like they should be included in a poem somwhere.

    Good luck with the cleaning for the holidays - My house is covered in the debris involved in the expectations of three holidays and a play

  2. I've got dust bunnies too! It seems you get rid of them and they're back. Who invented house cleaning anyway?


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