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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Where to start?

I guess I sometimes have too much to say and can't get started on a blog entry. There has been so much happening over the last few weeks that I don"t even know where to begin. Maybe if I start at today, I can go backwards.

Today my daughter made me go see her friend's band concert in another town when I really had to go Christmas shopping. I almost said no, but I didn't. I was blessed with a beautiful evening of music that I got to share with my most favorite and only daughter. I may add pics later. She was able to see a bunch of old friends and I was able to make her happy. What more can we ask for when our kids are teenagers? When they are happy, we are happy.
I did fill out some christmas cards while I listened, and luckily I had most of the addresses in my ipod. If my writing looks off, too bad, I was balancing on my knees and this year you are actually getting a picture no matter how chubby I look. It is a Christmas Miracle. I like listening to Christmas music when I fill out my cards, so it was a perfect match and I didn't feel at all embarrassed about doing it in the middle of the concert. After all, they weren't my kids playing the instruments, I was an extra and actually enjoying myself.

Right now my husband is convinced that something is "wrong with the Wii" because he is not winning. We must have " Messed up the sight thingy."

Anyway, back to rest of my life. I had the worst backache two days ago from substituting in Kindergarten's and Pre-K's, I really don't fit in those little chairs, they compress my back, But I am all fine now. Just imagine a chubby 42-year old woman trying to sit on a thimble and you get the picture.

I messed up all the pictures I took at my daughter's band/choral concert by scanning my new Middle school certificate onto the memory card. PINKY YOU WERE RIGHT! it does matter -sometimes. What a waste, but I may get some from a friend and post them later. I am working on it.

Oh! I screwed up invitations to my daughter's concert and now I am the &%$@head of the month in the family. I tell you if I get the cold shoulder much longer I am just gonna make t-shirts and rock my new title. I should seriously enjoy it. I do not know why everything has to be serious, I mean we all love each other, so who cares? If we died no one is gonna care about that nonsense anyway. That is my measuring stick these days. After finding out an schoolmate died recently, I have new perspective, we don't know what time we have, so why spend it being miserable? Thanks for letting me vent all night ( you know who you are).

I took my daughter for the scoliosis x-rays and they are not as bad as we thought. Her back does snake around quite a bit, but we have seen worse. We will see the specialist in January, so keep your fingers crossed people, because she may want to trade in her newly paid-off saxophone for a violin and I never anticipated raising my own Quasi-moto. See, I am cracking jokes now, it helps me deal.

One of my friends told me some very disappointing news in a confession and since I am not in any way a perfect person, I had to hold my tongue and just let it go. I hope she does too, and is able to stop confessing to people so that the issue is laid to rest. It would be nice if everyone could heal and come out the other side better than we all went in. We only know our own souls, that is true, because I MUST be blind if all sorts of stuff is going on around me and I never knew about it. I offer the quote that got me through my own dark passages, "As long as a man can dream, he can redeem his soul."

I took my daughter to see the play, The Government Inspector by the Lantern Theatre Company in Philly. It was very enjoyable. Gotta check to see if I blogged about it yet. I will be back... Ok I did not blog about it yet. Ok I will get to that, right after i go Christmas Shopping, yeah right, I am gonna get that done. Only 5 days left.

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