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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Made with Love

I told you about a month ago that my daughter was making very cool gifts for her friends for this holiday season. They had to be inexpensive, since Midas I am not, and they had to be made with love. We baked tons of cookies and packaged them up for her acquaintances and teachers, but for her close friends, we got very creative. Haley has recently wanted to come up with her own fashion line of accessories.
We created a label design and with some rudimentary sewing, we were able to make some beautiful custom items for her friends. CANDYPUNK is born! We took a trip to the goodwill store, and loaded up on $2 sweaters with nice stripy-striped sleeves. We watched an episode on threadbangers on how to create hats and mittens from old sweaters. We decided we really needed to make leg warmers first and then the hats and gloves.  
Here are some photos of our final efforts with her own designer label. For the label, we created our design using photoshop and ironed it onto an old t-shirt. We cut the design out with pinking shears in a label shape and sewed them into her fashion pieces. Viola!

Her friends loved the leg warmers and put them on right in school during gym. I can tell we will be making lots more of these in the future.

Here are her labels, aren't they cute?
Arm warmers will be cool too, we are so happy that her gifts were made from recycled materials, made with love and very frugal. Perfect Christmas presents!

Some sweaters were easier to make sets out of, though we did have a few wonky thumbs, we will get better over time.


  1. Very very cool! Love the idea. They look grrreat!!

  2. These are adorable! This is cheryl, I do not have the google account yet. email me later!


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