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Monday, December 1, 2008

Freaking out today

I am freaking out today because I noticed that my daughter's spine does not look right. I mean it looks and feels seriously out of whack. I made appointments and we will see the doctors next month, but until then, I am freaking out in a big way. I can't wait to get the x-rays so I can see if I am just wrong.
My best friend in middle school and parts of high school, Stacy Freeman, used to wear a Scoliosis brace. It was so uncomfortable and it gave off a bit of a funk. She had to wear it like 16 hours a day and she was so self -conscious of the way it make her clothes stick out in weird places. She had bumps under her neck, not on her chest, at least we couldn't see the bumps on her chest because the hardware stuck out too far. It also gave her little skin sores if her t-shirts got bunched up underneath even a little. It was so uncomfortable, I do not know how she ever bore it, and I thought she was so brave. She hated having to take it off for Phys. Ed. and she always needed help for that. In the three minutes they give you for changing, it is not enough time for TWO people to get that thing rigged.
I am freaking out because if my daughter does have this dreaded condition, it will seriously impact her life. I know firsthand that it will and my daughter is such a physical, busy girl, that she will have to deal with taking it off and putting it on all the time.

So I am praying real hard and hoping it is just a mother's imagination running wild.

PSSST. If you have any insights into this condition, feel free to comment.


  1. Hi Mickey, its me, Grandma Jill, and I also have scoliosis, but back in my day they didn't have the braces or the operations. They just used exercise, and if its not too serious then maybe she can too. But as annoying as the brace can be, its better than a lifetime of back and leg pain. Trust me on that.

  2. Thanks for the support, I cant wait for the x-rays. She was having a fit last night about the round of doctor appointments. I guess it sounds scary to her, but nothing will hurt. She has just never liked going to the doctor much.


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